Logopaedia Silesiana once again fosters the theoretical reflection upon speech therapy and insight into practical approaches to patients with variedcommunication disorders. Since speech therapy conjoins knowledge and experience stemming from many scientific fields, such as linguistics, medical studies, psychology and pedagogics, it contributes to the studies on human cognitive and interactive capacities.

Following the way already paved by Logopaedia Silesiana, this issue gathers studies and publications whose authors combine the current state of knowledge with its practical application in many different ways, and discuss diversetherapeutic and diagnostic approaches. The articles contained in this issue both describe and explain various states of speech disorders among children, adolescents and adults, and define respective methods of the therapeutic treatment, thereby utilising knowledge on mitigating such conditions.

We do hope that the issue we proudly present will grab attention of speech therapists, physicians, educators, parents, as well as the readers who find linguistic and communicational aspects of speech therapy interesting.

Prof. Marian Kisiel
Chair of
Logopaedia Silesiana Advisory Board