Volume 2

tom2From the very beginning of logopaedics understood as a scientific discipline, scholars restlessly seek methodological justifications for verbal communication disorders and strive for describing their complexities.

The second volume of Logopedia Silesiana gathers scientific and academic papers whose authors discuss approaches to logopaedic diagnoses and methods of therapy from different angles. Several of the presented articles contribute to basic investigations within this field, while the other ones lay the foundations for innovative paths in logopaedic treatment.

In speech therapy, there are certain persistent questions posed by life that demand answers. Resolving cognitive issues, making more diligent endeavours to describe the specific cases, trying to grasp the essence of the relation between patients and their language therapists in the context of evolving scientific debates and their recent results – these are the topics undertaken by theoreticians and practitioners of linguistic communication throughout this volume.

The new Logopedia Silesiana is to grab the attention of not only therapists, medical doctors, educationalists and parents, but also ones who find linguistic and communicational aspects of speech therapy interesting.

Chair of the Advisory Board
prof. Marian Kisiel