Volume 1

tom1Within Polish logopaedics, there emerges a new journal, entitled Logopedia Silesiana. It aims at presenting the achievements and reflections of contemporary speech and language therapists from country and abroad, and promoting logopaedic works of scholars and scientists affiliated for more than a decade with dynamically developing post-graduate logopaedic studies at the University of Silesia.

Logopaedics conjoins knowledge and experience of various scientific fields, such as linguistics, medical disciplines, psychology and pedagogy; it stimulates the progress of the research concerning cognitive possibilities of human beings and their interactive skills.

The papers included in the first volume of Logopedia Silesiana demonstrate the interdisciplinary character of logopaedic treatment and cover with their scope medical, linguistic, psychological and pedagogical approaches to description of speech development and disorders.

The presented volume encourages us to engage in not only theoretical investigations oscillating around the questions of logopaedics, but also reflections connected to practical solutions for people stricken with diverse communication disorders.

Chair of the Advisory Board
prof. Marian Kisiel