The procedure for review of articles in the journal follows the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, as described in the guide “Good Practices in the Review Procedures in Science”, Warsaw 2011.

Article selection and peer review procedures

The Editors of “Logopedia Silesiana” make the first selection of submitted articles. In this stage, the accepted articles are initially evaluated and revised.After an article has been sent to the editor it is assigned an editorial number, which identifies it at the further stages of the peer review process. The papers are anonymously peer-reviewed. i.e., the identity of the authors is concealed from the reviewers and the authors do not know the names of the reviewers (the so-called “double blind review”).

Papers submitted by authors are subjected to the following consecutive procedures:

  1. Initial formal evaluation by the Editor, taking into consideration the paper’s compatibility with the journal’s profile and essential requirements for a scientific workshop and substantive level.
  2. After receiving a positive evaluation, the Editor in Chief sends the complete issue of the journal for review. The issue is sent to two independent reviewers, who review each article separately on special review forms. The list of reviewers is published once a year on the editorial page of the journal.
  3. The authors are notified of the review result. If reviewers have comments, the article is sent back to the authors in order to make the suggested revisions.
  4. The final decision on the publication of the paper is taken by the Editor in Chief.

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